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Rolls with kohlrabi leaves and dried tomatoes
Recipes · 06. July 2021
Today we baked a wonderfully flavorful roll from the leaves of the kohlrabi tuber! The leaves are not only healthy, but also very tasty!

Apricot tart with pistachios
Recipes · 01. July 2021
At the moment, ripe apricots with red cheeks are in abundance at the markets. I have a special fondness for the apricots from Provence. They not only taste sweet, but at the same time have a fine sour note.

Radishes Cappuccino
Recipes · 24. June 2021
From our harvest of the week we have conjured up a rose-colored radish cappuccino!

Tagliatelle with chard and fennel
Recipes · 18. June 2021
From our harvest of the week we have conjured up summery, refreshing tagliatelle with fennel & chard. The perfect pasta recipe for a cosy summer evening!

Summer ceasar salad with fried radishes
Recipes · 17. June 2021
The red radishes therefore immediately caught my eye at the weekly market! They absolutely had to be in my Caesar salad!

Theresas Banana Caramel Tarte
Recipes · 26. May 2021
A delicious spring tarte for your afternoon tea!

Theresas Asparagus Tarte
Recipes · 20. May 2021
Did you know that you can bake an asparagus tart? You can find all the information you need in Theresa's recipe.

Theresas Famous Rhubarb Meringue Cake
Recipes · 20. May 2021
Theresa's famous rhubarb cake is quick and easy to prepare. Enjoy its delicious and fruity taste.