The wooden cutting board in the shape of Hazelnut House

Get a part of the Hazelnut House kitchen for your home!

Cutting Board

A cook puts as much value on his cutting boards as he does on his knives. It is a great pleasure to prepare fresh products on a high-quality and long-lasting board like the Hazelnut House cutting board.

The Hazelnut House shaped cutting board is made of wood from the Müllerthal, where Hazelnut House is located. It is also oiled with linseed oil from Luxembourg. In contrast to glass and marble boards, oak wood as a cutting surface protects the knives and is naturally antibacterial. Another advantage is that the wooden board can be sanded down, unlike plastic.
The cutting board is very easy to clean: after use, you can wash it off and let it air dry. If you avoid putting the board in the dishwasher, you will have a kitchen friend for a lifetime!

Available in two practical sizes:

Small: 19 x 29 cm
Large: 30 x 46 cm


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“Less and less wood, which comes from the forests of a region, is nowadays still processed completely regionally. Often it is intact value chains and a globalised market that bring long transport routes with them and make the ecological fingerprint of a wood product disappear. This is precisely the reason why the label "Holz vun hei - Regioun Mëllerdall" was created. The marking on the cutting board provides certainty that the wood used has been grown in the sustainably managed forests of the richly forested Mëllerdall region. In addition, the labelling is proof of regional processing on local farms and thus of support for regional added value. It is therefore a pleasure to acquire not only a high-quality refined piece of nature, but also a piece of the beautiful Mëllerdall region.”

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