Walk barefoot over the damp grass at sunrise. Feel the ground. Dew tickling under your feet. Warm your hands on the coffee cup. See butterflies dance. Experience the intense taste of freshly harvested vegetables. Dark earth on your hands. Smell the scent of wild chives under the walnut trees. Listen to the rustling of the leaves and see the colours of the mosses and lichens in the forest. Embrace a tree. Inside, the warmth of the hearth. The fire crackles. Cooking together, trying out new things, learning a lot, taking time to enjoy. Telling stories together. In the evening, write a few lines in a diary and carry the warm atmosphere in your heart.


The vastness of the surrounding fields and meadows. The changing light over the valley. There is a favourite room in Hazelnut House at any time of day. In the morning the sun bathes the natural stone walls of the gallery in a golden light. The sunbeams reflect the leaves of the trees like artistic mosaics on the walls. In the kitchen the English stove is always warm. The almost 200-year-old stone staircase is a favourite barefoot walk. It has so much to tell. Scottish tweed and Austrian loden fabric create a warm atmosphere in the fireplace room. A wreath of lichen hangs from the window. Bright light flows through the rooms. The interior of the house reflects a rather minimalist style. Theresa is an aesthete and her very personal handwriting can be felt everywhere. She found the colours used by Hazelnut House on the French Atlantic coast. Being on the move, meeting nature, but also discovering art, music and architecture are a never-ending source of inspiration for her.


Hazelnut House is situated in the middle of the romantic Müllertal. Breathtaking landscapes make this area something very special in Luxembourg. Just as we know it from the Footpaths in England, for example, the Luxembourgish hiking trails do not only lead through public areas, but the right of way also applies to many private properties. It makes us happy to see the hikers walking over the orchard close to the house, in order to finally dive into the forest, passing curved brooks up to gigantic rock formations and caves. This region is also known as "Luxembourg's Little Switzerland". Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, every season has its own magic. In nature we recharge our batteries and meet ourselves. The rhythm is determined by the even beat of our steps. We have forgotten how necessary it is to have time windows in which we are consistently offline. Then this feeling can come up again. Theresa likes to call it "wild and free". We feel the beat of the heart, hear our breath and recognize the amount of happiness. 


We come together from all over Europe. "Theresa, it was like cooking with friends," wrote a participant of a food camp the next day. "And that, although we all only met on Saturday morning," she added. The passion for cooking and nature unites people. It's a cultural exchange that couldn't be more beautiful. There are hardly any language barriers, the host speaks fluent German, English, French and Luxembourgish. In the garden we harvest vegetables and decorate the house with natural materials that we brought back from the walk. The long table in the former barn shines in a festive robe. We light the fire in the large fireplace, cook together on the gas stove with a view over the orchard meadow. The kitchen is the heart of the house. Here passion meets noble design and traditional craftsmanship. The gas stove and the ovens enable cooking and baking with the greatest professionalism.


Lovingly cook and bake with simple, natural ingredients. That is Theresa's philosophy. Food that nourishes the body and makes it happy. Theresa is always on the lookout for the pure taste. She communicates with farmers and craftsmen. She feels deeply connected with them and feels a great appreciation and gratitude for everything that is produced with passion and sustainability. She prefers regional, seasonal products from organic farming and meat from species-appropriate farms. This is not a trend, but the traditional basis of their cuisine. And it ensures that her favourite recipes taste the way she imagines them to.