Theresa Baumgärtner: Weihnachten


Only available in German language. Signed by the author.


Christmas: For the passionate cook and baker Theresa Baumgärtner the most beautiful time of the year. To get in the mood for the big party, she first travels to pre-Christmas Edinburgh. Scotland is full of inspiration! So is the Black Forest. The first snow has fallen in the high altitudes. The walk through the forest becomes a silent winter fairy tale. Theresa visits a gingerbread bakery and shows us how straw shoes are made according to old craftsmanship.

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The head full of new ideas finally goes home to Luxembourg in the beloved Hazelnut House. With her feeling for the beautiful and natural, Theresa creates a wonderful atmosphere. In the kitchen she creates the delicious and simple festive dishes for which Theresa is so famous. From crispy roast goose to fine desserts and biscuits to the best recipes for Christmas breakfast.


This cookbook is Theresa's very personal declaration of love for the wonderful Christmas season! Please write us the dedication that Theresa Baumgärtner should leave for you personally in the book during the ordering process.

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