Hieselter Kiermes

AUGUST 18th 2019

What a wonderful feast! On 18th of august 2019 we celebrated the "Hieselter Kiermes" in the small village of Hazelnut House. Girsterklaus is the oldest place of pilgrimage in Luxembourg. For many decades the Sunday after Maria Himmelfahrt has been a very special day of the year for the chapel. Then the small chapel of St. Mary shines in its most beautiful splendour! Colourful flags are rolled out and decorate the way to the church entrance. The choir sings at the big festive divine service and afterwards everyone gathers for the procession under the big lime trees. The children carry bells. The men proudly carry St. Mary during the procession around the maize field. It is a very special atmosphere!

From the beginning I had the dream to organize a big summer party for families and to bring a lot of life to this wonderful village. All generations should come and spend an unforgettable Sunday together. Since the winter months I have met with the pastor and the cultural commission of the parish to organize a wonderful Kiermes together. On Sunday, 18th of august, the big day finally arrived! The carousel turned to the music of the accordion. Children's laughter filled the room. The smell of freshly baked waffles with icing sugar and plum compote. Pearly homemade elderflower limonad. Delicacies from the grill. Enchanting games on the large fruit meadow... The forester, the fire brigade, the Tudor museum, they all came with their handicraft activities! And then there was the magician, a horse-drawn carriage through the forest and finally an unforgettable concert by the Luxembourg pianist David Ianni. Above the entrance of Hazelnut House, the red, white and blue flags still fly from the festival. I don't want to take them off yet, because they awaken the most beautiful memories of this very special day in August and at the same time the greatest anticipation for next year! On 16th of august 2020 we will open our doors again!

Film: Mairena Torres Schuster/ Johannes Stahn / Gemeinde Rosport-Mompach
Pictures: Marcia Friese/ Gemeinde Rosport-Mompach