In the early hours of the morning the concert of birdcalls begins. The air is clear. The kitchen smells of freshly brewed coffee and Hazelnut House welcomes you. The breakfast table is already lovingly set. There is homemade wholemeal bread, French brioches, delicious jams, cheese from the Müllertal valley and many other delicacies! 


After breakfast we slip into our rubber boots depending on the season and go to the kitchen garden together. Harvest the vegetables and fruit with our own hands, carry them into the house and later prepare them in the kitchen with a lot of love. What a pleasure! On the meadows we learn a lot about edible herbs and flowers. Together we follow the hiking trail and go out into the forest. Listen to the rustling of the leaves and see the colours of the mosses and lichens. Embrace a tree. We feel the throbbing of the heart, hear our breath and recognize the extent of happiness. Welcome to an unforgettable journey. 


A loving picnic in nature awaits us. Whether in the spring under the white blossoming fruit trees, in the summer with the butterflies or in the autumn under the multicolored leaf canopy of the beeches, on the green Tweed blanket we take a seat. For this moment we can dive into the world of Jane Austen. The English picnic basket is filled with scones and homemade delicacies. The breathtaking landscape could also be in England or Scotland at this moment. 


With gifts from nature and a warm heart we return to the house. Everyone can make their own personal diary. For the most beautiful words. A treasure trove of all the little things that make us happy. A book of gratitude. To take home and accompany.


After a cup of tea and a piece of the famous Hazelnut Cake in front of the crackling fire we start cooking together. We gather around the large cooking island with a view of the orchard meadow and cook a delicious menu together. Always suitable for the season and according to Theresa's philosophy: simple, loving, natural. The menu becomes heavenly. It reaches from a greeting from the kitchen over a starter variation and a main course up to a fine dessert. Small mignardises round off our festive menu. In the cooking school of Hazelnut House passion meets noble design and traditional craftsmanship. The gas stove and the ovens make cooking and baking with the greatest professionalism possible. Beginners are also welcome.


The long table in the former barn is festively covered and shines in bright candlelight. The candles on the piano in this room are also lit. After dinner we slowly let the evening end in the fireplace room with a glass of wine and shared stories. When the moon rises in the sky, the starry sky shines in the most beautiful light above Hazelnut House. Perhaps there is even a shooting star. We carry the warm atmosphere in our hearts. What an unforgettable day!

Fall for you (10.10.20)
We take the first fruit from the branch and eat it just like that. Back in the house we combine it warm with goat cheese from the nearby Balteshof. What a taste!    ... (Read More)
849,00 €
Feel Well Package:
This exclusive feel well package includes: a high quality embroidered apron a color booklet with a selection of Theresa's 10 best Recipies the choice of one of the following great culinary and flower workshops: ... (Read More)
219,00 €

For the most beautiful experience I limit the number of participants to a maximum of eight persons. Participation costs 849€ per person. After booking you will receive a personal letter for the special anticipation of the day. The Food & Nature Retreat starts early in the morning and lasts into the evening hours. Each participant will receive his own high-quality embroidered Hazelnut House apron. 

The journey to Hazelnut House at Echternach and overnight stays are not included in the price. We are happy to give you a list with overnight accommodations. A pick-up from the airport with transfer to the hotel is possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! 


We will also be happy to put together an individual programme and offer for your unforgettable family party or team experience. Contact us here.


A warm welcome to Hazelnut House!

Your Theresa Baumgärtner