The Hazelnut House Mug

Beautiful Stoneware Mug in Hazelnut House Design


We invite you to a very special moment - the Hazelnut House Tea Ceremony!

Tea has an important role in many cultures around the world.  In some countries tea ceremonies are carried out in different ways. In Germany they speak of the East Frisian tea culture, in England the heritage of the Afternoon Tea, High Tea and Cream Tea is maintained, in Japan, following the philosophy of Zen Buddhism, they speak of a tea ritual. Not to forget the Indian tradition of the Chais in the afternoon.

As individual and special as all these traditions are, they all have one thing in common. At the heart of it all is the pleasure of rest and reflection, and above all the company and sharing of experiences!

With this wonderful thought in mind, we have created a unique Hazelnut House mug for you in collaboration with the Luxemburgish Pottery Artist Claire Royer. The mug is a real hand smoother and warms not only our hands, but also our heart and soul. Whether with the family at the breakfast table, with your friends outside in the garden or with loved ones by the fireplace, the mug accompanies you through the day and creates a unique feeling of connection between all of us!

The mugs are all handmade in Luxembourg from stoneware and then lovingly dipped into a white glaze. The very fine glaze gives a pleasant feeling when drinking and also ensures that the aromas can develop perfectly! It also reminds you of a snowy landscape. It is reminiscent of Hazelnut House on winter days just before Christmas, when the snow hangs down from the roof and soft flakes fall from the heaven.

The design of the mug invites you to bake biscuits from Theresa's Christmas books and celebrate your own tea ceremony with family and friends - the Hazelnut House Tea Ceremony!



Love, Claire and Theresa

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