Golden Autumn Leaves and Fire Crackling

05. 10. 2024

2024-10-05 Golden Autumn Leaves & Fire Crackling

In this food & nature workshop we celebrate the golden autumn season and harvest apples and pears in the romantic garden of Hazelnut House. In the house the fire is already crackling in the sandstone chimney. Together we are preparing a delicious homemade autumn lunch menu.


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The golden autumn at Hazelnut House is magical. Dew lies on the dry grasses. The cobwebs in the seeds of the meadow flowers glitter in the morning sun. It smells of late summer and thanksgiving! The leaves of the surrounding forest turn gold, yellow and brown. As if nature had put together the most beautiful colours in a watercolour box. And these cloud formations, the bright sunlight! Like a golden yellow stripe it emerges from the morning mist on the horizon. Rustle your feet through the dry foliage in the beech forest. Listen to the call of the wild geese and find large nuts from the old walnut tree on the ground. Those who are here in autumn should definitely hike along the Müllertal Trail from Echternach to Berdorf for another day.


The pears and apples on the trees are now ripe in the orchard. On this Saturday morning we put on warm rubber boots, cuddle up in woollen sweaters and wax jackets and head off into the old fruit yard. We take the first apple from the branch and eat it just like that. What a taste! From the vegetable bed we bring beetroot and pumpkins. Coming home with our autumn harvest is so wonderful during this time. In the large sandstone fireplace of the open gallery the fire is already crackling.  We put the kettle on for tea and start cooking our festive autumn lunch. The menu at this time of the year is heartwarming! After lunch, Theresa will be reading from her new book  we enjoy tea and warm cake with salty caramel sauce...


This Food & Nature Workshop with the TV cook and culinary author Theresa Baumgärtner includes:

  1. A delicious warm welcome cocktail
  2. Visit of the orchard of Hazelnut House overlooking the breathtaking hilly landscape. Joint harvest of the ingredients for the menu.
  3. Cooks atelier infront of the crackling fireplace.
  4. Second apéritif with organic crémant rosé in the autumn garden.
  5. Heart warming autumn lunch menu in front of the fire place with a stunning view over the orchard.
  6. Oktober 5th 2024 from 10:30 am- 3:30pm
  7. Please bring a second pair of outdoor shoes and a warm jacket for our visit in the orchard!
  8. The course is held in German and English

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