Midsummer Festival


It's midsummer. Now are the longest days of the year and there is nothing better than being outside. The large garden of Hazelnut House is slowly showing off its summer splendour. Sweet dark fruits hang from the large cherry tree and the raised beds are filled with herbs, edible flowers and delicious salads. White linen blankets flutter on the clothesline, waiting to be laid on the garden tables. Summer is in the air and we cordially invite you! Come, we're having a party! In the afternoon we are coming together in the summer garden in white dresses to enjoy our first glass of organic crémant rosé to get to know each other. On the terrasse we invite you to our romantic "Rose Café" and serve homemade cinnamon buns, a piece of our legendary rose cake, freshly brewed coffee and tea.


On the terrace under the roof there are large vases filled with wonderful summer flowers and delicate grasses. For our midsummer festival we bind together the most beautiful wreaths of flowers in all the colours of summer. Everyone gets his own wreath! And so lovingly bound each one becomes a small work of art.


The garden of Hazelnut House is decorated with arrangements of birch branches and brightly coloured ribbons that dance wonderfully in the wind. And of course there is music!


We want to prepare everything together. The last ingredients are harvested quickly and then everything is ready in the large kitchen of the house to cook all the delicious midsummer dishes: A cold cucumber soup, lemon butter for our bread, Matjes with dill potatoes, summer salads with fresh pea pods, small homemade Köttbullar, and Strawberry Tiramisu. Simply heavenly...


When the evening comes, the lanterns in the fruit trees gradually light up. We enjoy our second apéritif in the kitchen garden with homemade Köttbullar and cheese biscuits decorated with edible flowers to celebrate the start of a wonderful evening and dinner at the long table in the middle of the meadow. A fresh midsummer wind carries the first cricket chirping of the year. Happy laughter, singing and dancing delight the hearts and our midsummer picnic. When the stars enlighten  the sky of Hazelnut House we gather around the campfire until the first satisfied yawn appears. Like precious treasures, the flower wreaths are then lifted from the heads and carried home as a memento of this special day.


This workshop with the TV cook and culinary author Theresa Baumgärtner includes:


  • A glass of organic crémant rosé and invitation to our romantic rose café with delicious treats and freshly brewed coffee and tea from our Hazelnut House kitchen.
  • Workshop: binding midsummer wreaths from meadow flowers
  • Joint harvest in the garden and cooking atelier in the open gallery with view over the orchard.
  • Second apéritif in the kitchen garden and dinner around the festive table on the meadow.
  • Accompanying wine and water.

2024-06-15 Midsummer Festival

June 15th 2024  //  3pm - 11pm // Maison 2


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