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mystic creek hike - Hazelnut House in Girsterklaus


Discover the breathtaking surroundings of Hazelnut House and take a 1.5 hour hike to the beautiful Girsterbach. You walk through the forest and consciously hear the birds singing. A break bench is hidden near the road. There you will also find a fountain with refreshing cold water. It continues down a long stair of wood and it goes deeper into the forest. It´s so remote and quiet here, the nature casts a spell over you. Along the creek, the path leads you through the green. You return to the stairs, and in front of them turn left. You get back to the street and now there is a wide field in front of you that you cross. The tower of the curch can be seen from afar. Girsterklaus is only a few minutes away. The Curchwall invites you to take a long break wit the most beautiful view at the end of your little hike.


Abbey Museum - 11, Parvis de la Basilique | L-6486 Echternach

Immerse yourself in Echternach's history and discover the works of the abbey's former scriptorium, the life of St Willibrord and archaeological remains.

Beautiful and elaborately designed manuscripts known throughout Europe were produced by the monks in Echternach Abbey in the Middle Ages. The museum, housed in the vaulted cellars of the abbey palace dating from 1727, still bears witness to this today. High-quality facsimiles of manuscripts such as the Codex Aureus Epternacensis, which were produced in the Echternach scriptorium, are on display here. The Abbey Museum also offers an overview of the life and work of Willibrord. He founded the abbey in 698; his bones lie in the crypt of the basilica. Willibrord also founded the Spring Procession, which is a UNESCO intangible world heritage site.

The Abbey Museum has 10 audio guides in German, French, Dutch and English, which are provided free of charge to visitors. All visitors have to do is leave their identity card as a guarantee.

AQUATOWER BERDORF - 106a, Rue de consdorf | L-6551 BERDORF

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of drinking water in the Müllerthal region.

Water is vital - why not refresh your knowledge about this element in an entertaining way? Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of drinking water and visit the 55-metre high "Aquatower" in Berdorf. Here, an exhibition with various interactive stations provides information on the topic of "water and geology". A very special attraction is the ascent to the 50-metre-high viewing platform. Enjoy the impressive view over the surroundings of Berdorf. At the foot of the tower there are seating areas and water play opportunities for children.

Documentation center about the „springprozession“ - Basilika | L-6401 ECHTERNACH

The documentation centre displays paintings, historical texts, pictures, films and maps about the history and procession of the jumping procession and the changing history of the basilica. Some display windows show devotional objects, a statue and a reliquary of S. Willibrord, marking him as a true popular saint. In the adjoining corridors is a lapidary museum with remains of tombstones from the time of the former abbey. (11-18 c.)

In 2010, the Spring Procession was inscribed on UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Gallo-Roman Villa of Echternach - Palais Romains | L-6471 Echternach

The Roman Villa of Echternach was one of the largest Roman villas north of the Alps. This luxurious house offered the inhabitants an impressive level of comfort at the time. In the adjacent museum, daily life in the Roman villa is recreated with life-size figures. A film about Roman culture and a replica Roman garden with more than 70 plants complete the documentation. After the visit, enjoy a walk around Lake Echternach.
Guided tour on request.

Geo-Expo - 6, Rue de l'Auberge | L-6315 Beaufort

Re-opening of the exhibition on the formation of the Mëllerdall landscape and its unique natural and cultural heritage.

The Mëllerdall UNESCO Global Geopark exhibition shows the formation of the region's special geological, natural and cultural heritage. It tells of the formation of the geological subsoil as the seabed and of the shaping of the landscape after the seabed became solid land. It takes up the human use of natural resources from the Stone Age to modern times, explaining the emergence of the cultural landscape with its multitude of ecological niches.

Free admission!

Matchbox Autos Museum - 5, Enneschtdueref | L-6560 Hénkel Rouspert-Mompech

Jean Birsens has been collecting MATCHBOX cars, "the car in the matchbox", since 1980. His collection comprises around 7,500 models dating from 1947-1986. These are mainly British makes such as Early Lesney, Regular Wheels, Models of Yesteryear, Major Packs, King-Size, Accessory Packs, etc. Also on display are antique tin cars for children, mopeds and motorbikes.

Jean's wife Meg has been a collector since 1995. Her collection of pretty tin tins now totals almost 1,600 pieces from the years 1886-1950. Meg's preference is also for British products, so-called "Figural Biscuit Tins" by Huntley & Palmers, Peak Frean, William Crawford, Olibet. Coffee tins from Santos, Jacobs, Stollwerck and Banania and antique Barbie dolls are also on display.

Visits to the museum are possible by appointment.

Girsterklaus Chapel

The chapel of Girsterklaus, the oldest place of pilgrimage in the country. "D'Muttergottes vun der Hieselterheck" is the name given to the image of grace enthroned on the high altar of the chapel. The landmark of the little church is the massive, square tower, whose size and fullness indicate an early medieval defence or watchtower, perhaps built on late Roman foundations.

The building is Romanesque in style. Strong Romanesque belt arches, alternately made of brown and red sandstone ashlars, rest on mighty pillars. The stone altars, carved from sandstone and dating from the beginning of the 17th century, are striking. The Renaissance pulpit with the date 1630 is also remarkable. The Madonna of Girsterklaus (seated Madonna) is one of the most beautiful, rare wooden statues of the 13th century. With its many Baroque statues from the 18th century, the chapel is like a small museum.

Tudor Museum - 9, Rue Henri Tudor | L-6582 Rosport

For Henri Tudor, electricity was a passion. The museum dedicated to him in Rosport offers an exciting mix of interactive stations and traditional museum. Experience the impact of Henri Tudor's work on everyday life - from the 19th century to the present day. The engineer was among the pioneers in the development of electricity storage, lead-acid accumulators, street lighting, agricultural machinery, transport and much more. You can follow in the footsteps of his research here; experimentation is expressly encouraged!

New: Explore the museum with an audio guide! It's easy with the app or at:

Dieschbourg Mill - Lauterborn-Halte | L-6562 Echternach

In the last still functioning mill in the Müllerthal region, the Dieschbourg family has been producing flour from local grain since 1897. Here, milling is still done according to traditional craftsmanship with the help of water power; respect in dealing with natural resources and sustainability characterise the company's policy. The mill also roasts organic and fair-trade coffee, which can be tasted after the tour.
tasting after the tour. In the adjacent boutique, you can buy a range of regional products.

Ramborn cider and & co - 23, Duerfstrooss | L-6660 Born

At Ramborn Cider Haff, you can experience the comeback of Luxembourg's long heritage of cider making. Ciders and perries are made in the cellars and barn and pressed on site. The fruit comes from the surrounding orchards.
You can sample the various ciders and perries in the Ramborn Cider Haff shop. You can also buy other regional apple-related products here. Gift baskets can be put together on request.

The echternach Lake

Coming from the direction of Luxembourg, the leisure and recreation centre of Echternach is located at the entrance to the town around the approximately 30-hectare man-made lake. Here you will find numerous leisure facilities covering everything from recreation to sport and culture. There is a large free car park at the entrance to the lake.
A path for pedestrians leads around the lake for walking, inline skating and cycling. The lake is surrounded by 375 hectares of forest where several hiking trails lead.
On the grounds around the lake there is also the Roman Villa with its museum (free entrance), a House of Nature (can be booked for groups and school classes), a bike park, trampolines (in summer) and several barbecue areas.
The youth hostel offers numerous sports and leisure activities and has a small restaurant with terrace.
Every year, numerous varied events take place on the beautiful grounds. Major musical events such as E-lake, sporting events such as the Mill Man Trail, or the open-air cinéma attract many enthusiasts.

The Flying Dutchman - 3, rue Kummel | L-6310 Beaufort

The Flying Dutchman is the oldest Disco in Luxembourg still keeping the original alternative spirit for over 40 years. We are working on providing you with outstanding cultural experiences as well as the traditional DJ program.

Golf Christnach - Am Lahr | L-7641 Christnach

The Golf and Country Club Christnach de Luxembourg was founded in 1993 and is located in Luxembourg's Schweitz region. The course offers an 18 hole championship course par 70 and EPD Tour 2011, in addition to a 9 hole Compact Course (Pitch & Putt). The entire training facility is equipped with floodlights.

Indoor Climbing - 100, Rue Grégoire Schouppe | L-6479 Echternach

The youth hostel at Lake Echternach has a 14-metre high indoor climbing wall and a bouldering area. The hall is equipped with a special safety floor and can be booked by groups, school classes and families upon prior request. Several times a week, the climbing hall is open to individual guests and introductory courses are organised for children, adults and families, this under the care of a trainer.

Butterfly Garden - 56, Route de Trèves | L-6793 Grevenmacher

The butterfly garden is the ideal place for friends of nature and its beauties. Located in the wine village of Grevenmacher, the tropical garden with its hundreds of exotic butterflies invites you to stroll around an area of more than 600 m².
With a constant temperature of 28° Celsius and 70 to 80% humidity, the tropical garden is a paradisiacal little island on the banks of the Moselle for butterflies from all over the world.
Thanks to the tropical climate in the greenhouse, several Chinese dwarf quails, chameleons, turtles, various bird species and a bee colony (under a glass box) also live there. Colourful flowers and an idyllic atmosphere invite you to dream in our garden.



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