Creative Writing & Yoga Workshop 16.09.2023

„My aim is to put down on paper what I see and what I feel in the best and simplest way."

Ernest Hemingway


Creative Writing & Yoga Workshop

It has long been our heart's desire to offer a workshop in the relaxed atmosphere of Hazelnut House, combining creative writing and yoga. This way we strengthen our inner balance and start full of new energy into the year ahead.
We will welcome the day with a yoga morning routine, then enjoy a delicious vegan breakfast before meeting for the writing workshop. Here we learn the approach to story-telling from journalist and bestselling author Lucia Baumgärtner. She shows us how simple exercises can make it easier to get started with creative writing.  At lunchtime we enjoy a small beauty food lunch from Theresa's kitchen. After a break to pause, read and relax, we will go for a walk in the adjacent forest of Hazelnut House, where we will practice the breathing exercises of Hatha Yoga.  Then we meet all together for an afternoon-tea and present our results. We will end the workshop with further exercises from the yoga practice and a meditation for the heart and a wonderful relaxation.
This workshop with the journalist and yoga teacher Lucia Baumgärtner includes:
A morning yoga flow
A vegan breakfast in the cosy atmosphere of Hazelnut House for the participants staying in our hotel. If you participate without staying at the Hotel we count +29 € for the breakfast)
A writing workshop
A light beauty-food lunch from Theresa's kitchen
A forest walk with breathing exercises
Teatime with homemade superfood cookies
An afternoon Hatha yoga session.
Date: September 16th 2023 from 8.30 am to 4.30 p.m

This workshop is suitable for beginners and advanced participants.

Please bring comfortable cloth and a yoga math for the yoga-session and outdoor-shoes and clothing for our winter walk.



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