Create an amazing still life of the seasons

with our handmade Hazelnut House Ikebana Vases

Stoneware Ikebana Vase

Our Ikebana Vase "Hazelnut House" is a must-have classic for all flower lovers. It is handmade from high-quality stoneware in a small numbered edition by a pottery artist in Luxembourg

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In the morning sun, slip on the rubber boots and cut individual flowers, grasses and twigs in the garden. In the timeless Ikebana Vase they become a true work of art! Gracefully they stand there entwined next to each other. Every single stalk gets its greatest appreciation in this vase.


Stems of deep bordeaux red dahlias, foxtail, red roses and fennel, as well as the branches of the small cider pear and garden sage are each inserted into a hole in the removable lid of the Ikebana Vase. What a flower magic!

I have been searching a long time for a beautiful Ikebana Vase. Since I could not find my dream vase, I decided to design and launch it myself. It is handmade with lot of love in a small Luxemburgish atelier. Over many days the high quality stoneware gets formed, then dried and finally fired. Each piece is unique and turns the seasons into a true flower celebration. Every piece has its own serial number. The natural colour of the stoneware adapts easily to the interior of your house and fits perfectly to every season. The inside of the vase is glazed in white colour and allows you to clean it easily. Following my philosophy "less is more" this vase in high quality stoneware will accompany you for your whole life. With this Ikebana Vase you only need a few flower branches and grasses to create a fascinating huge flower arrangement!


Yours Theresa


We propose two sizes:


The Small Ikebana Vase (14 cm diameter and height) is perfect to be decorated on your eating table and comes together with a small stoneware bowl for fleur de sel. You could also fill it with sugar cristals for your coffee or simply decorate it with a beautiful flower.


The bigger vase (20 cm diameter and height) is supposed to be decorated as a unique piece of flower art in your entry hall, on a cupboard or a small table.