Hazelnut House Mixing Bowls

Hazelnut House Set of Mixing Bowls


Stirring all the ingredients together in a beautiful mixing bowl to form a dough is particularly enjoyable and makes baking an experience for all the senses!


You've often asked  Theresa for her favourite mixing bowls in her kitchen. Here at Hazelnut House, we love the "In the Forest" series of bowls from the British tableware brand Mason Cash.


The mixing bowls by Mason Cash exude a special flair during preparation and transform the kitchen into a magical bakery!


The "In the Forest" series is particularly enchanting and fits Hazelnut House so wonderfully. The old country house is located in Luxembourg's Müllerthal and is surrounded by extensive meadows and forests. Many animals find their home here. At Hazelnut House you can breathe nature!
Mason Cash was inspired by folk tales from the mid-19th century when designing the mixing bowls in the forest design. The bowls are intricately embossed with forest scenes depicting popular forest animals.

Exclusively for you, we have selected two bowls in different sizes from this series. With this set, you get the mixing bowls that Theresa uses most often.
The set includes two bowls in different sizes:
Large (29 cm diameter) in cream white
Small (18 cm diameter) in owl grey
You can put the mixing bowls in the dishwasher and also in the microwave without any problems.

The bowls tell stories from nature. We hope that they will soon be telling stories from Hazelnut House in your kitchen too!


+++ Our special offer for mother's day: buy one set of mixing bowls and get one silicone whisk with bamboo handle as a gift! +++

The Hazelnut House Set of Mixing Bowls for patisserie includes two bowls in different sizes.

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