Advent Wreath Online Workshop

Online Advent Wreath Workshop (22. November 2020)


Soon it will be time again! The Advent season is getting closer and closer and we can finally dive into the magical time before Christmas again. At no better time of the year do we follow our senses and live out our lives as creatively as around Christmas.


Hazelnut House turns into a place of peace and calm and exudes a certain magic! Even the changes that affect us all this year cannot change this fact! So we invite you - come and visit us virtually at Hazelnut House!


In Theresa's Creative Workshop and Atelier we not only show you new ideas, craft techniques, tips and tricks, we also come together as a community and you get to know other creative minds.


Common experiences and a creative exchange let us shine in the dark season. On 22 November 2020 from 15pm - 17pm you can learn how to tie a wonderful and festive Advent wreath! Before the online workshop Theresa will go out for you and get her favourite green to tie a wonderful wreath. We will lovingly wrap the treasures of nature and send you home a package smelling of pine needles and resin.


Together we make ourselves comfortable and at the same time we meet at different places and share a special experience on the Sunday before the first Advent via zoom! Just like in the fairytale Christmas stories, we magically meet, even if we can't come together in one place. Hazelnut House and Theresa come to your home and at the same time you are a guest at Hazelnut House. What a magic!


The Online Advent Wreath Workshop includes:

  • Wreath blank
  • Binding Wire
  • Pine Green
  • Beautiful greenery vareties
  • Two wonderful recipes for culinary delights during wreath making.

We will send you a surprise package with the necessary materials in advance.

Not included are other decoration materials (e.g. candles).


What else do you need:

  • A computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone with WLAN access, camera and microphone.
  • Garden shears
  • Garden gloves, if you prefer it to work with gloves.
  • A tasty sweet snack for in between. You will find the recipes in your package.
  • And a lot of anticipation!

Via a zoom invitation and an access code you can then participate live in the workshop. Theresa will explain what has to be considered and will show you live how to tie an Advent wreath.


The closing date for registration is 13 November 2020 9 am.

97,00 €

  • 1,1 kg
  • sold out

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