Autumn Leaves and Inspiration Workshop


It's the beginning of autumn at Hazelnut House. The trees now slowly begin to change their leaves in the most beautiful colours. Wild geese migrate south across the house. Now the days are getting colder and we get in the mood for the golden autumn. What a cosy time!

On this Saturday afternoon we put on warm rubber boots, cuddle up in woollen sweaters and wax jackets and head off into the forest. Equipped with scissors and a basket, we hike through the breathtaking natural landscape around Hazelnut House and collect the most beautiful natural materials. Theresa has prepared a special selection of rosehips and twigs for everyone.

Coming home after a long walk is so wonderful during this time. In the large sandstone fireplace of the open gallery the fire is already crackling.  We put the kettle on for tea and enjoy warm toffee cake with salty caramel sauce.

Afterwards we start with our creative work. We will tie an impressive door wreath and create an enchanting autumn decoration for the table. The hostess Theresa Baumgärtner is full of special inspirations!

Date:  26.09.2020

This workshop with the TV cook and culinary author Theresa Baumgärtner includes:

  • A warm welcome to Hazelnut House.
  • A guided hike through the forest. In nature we discover happiness in the little things. Theresa shares her eye for the beauties of nature and unites them into enchanting decorations.
  • Tea-time in front of the fireplace.
  • Starter package for the wreath and table decoration.
  • From 3-6 pm.


Autumn Leaves and Inspiration Workshop 26.09.2020

We collect treasures of nature around Hazelnut House, enjoy tea time in front of the fire and design an impressive door wreath for the autumn as well as an enchanting autumn decoration for the table.

194,00 €

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